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How Function Point Analysis Complements Strategic Value

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Software projects run the high risk of cost and schedule overruns, according to McKinsey & Company, with 45% of large, IT budgets running over budget, and 7% past deadline. The reasons differ, from a lack of efficiency and management to scope changes and quality issues.

No wonder the top 25% of companies in the world rely on software measurement to manage their IT and software development projects and provide additional economic incentive for their development teams to produce quality software.

Here’s what else you can do with function point analysis, the internationally standardized unit of measure used to represent software size.

Oversee Efficiency

Set your productivity indicators and measure your efficiency in terms of days—or money spend—per function point.

Manage Your Suppliers

Accurately compare the productivity of your suppliers in terms of effort or cost.

Maximize Your Contracts

Manage your contracts based on functional requirements, functional size, expected productivity or cost per unit of functional size.

Ensure Quality Management

Establish your relative quality indicators—such as function points defects—to precisely compare.

Boost Your Development Processes

Highlight the theoretical and used capacity of your processes and their activities by measuring their function points.

Assess Your Value

Accurately value your software assets in function points and derive the economic value of software assets.

Streamline Project Management

Efficiently manage a project and subsequent maintenance based on planned function points versus those designed or built.

Estimate Your Resources

The size of software to be developed is not the only parameter to be considered in an estimate, but the most important.

Manage Scope Changes

Correctly assess the size of the expected changes in a project using function points before estimating the effort.

Correctly Compare Packages

Use a standard metric to ensure fair and accurate comparisons, and objectively compare their functionality of various packages available in the market.

Three Strategies, One-Solution Providers for Measuring Software

You are now just a click away from using three proven strategies to improve your time to market, your application’s quality and your organization’s cost and productivity.

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