Best Software Gives You More Value

Industry-Leading Metrics Ensure Objective Measurement of Value

Software development projects are only transformative if they bring substantial value to your organization.

Do yours?

IFPUG can answer this question with an objective benchmarking measure that accurately assesses your software development productivity and cost and compares it to industry standards.

How do your development practices relate to those of your industry peers? What processes need improvement? Which projects are more valuable than others? When does the cost exceed the value?

IFPUG offers precise software sizing methodologies that systematically answer each question with an array of benchmarking benefits.

What is Function Point Analysis (FPA)?

ISO-certified Function Point Analysis (FPA) is the industry’s standard de-facto technique for measuring software value, based on the business requirements. The methodology measures all the distinct functions and capability provided to the users.

In addition to helping you understand your current software development processes, FPA also helps:

  • Identify and analyze process improvement opportunities
  • Define realistic expectations
  • Evaluate developer and team productivity
  • Assess application size and complexity
  • Mitigate software process risk
  • Reduce cost and effort

Approach to Assuring Agile Software Quality 

Maximize your budget. It’s your top goal.

Ours, too.

Environments with outsourcing services and internal teams need an objective, proven method for managing productivity, efficiency and quality.

They need IFPUG.


Create a dependable, go-to normalization factor for software comparison.


Discover the benefit of an application package to an organization by counting functions that precisely match their requirements.


Measure the units of a software product to support value and productivity analysis.


Obtain the required measurement in relation to the efforts associated with the project or application, ensuring productivity and efficiency.


Provide a consistent measure among various projects and organizations, guaranteeing repeat results.


Minimize the overhead of the measurement process and easily enough repeat or revise with the same input.


Offer a measure that is not relative to each situation but is absolute, allowing you to compare findings with other results.

Take the Fear Out of Tasks such as Software Development Cost Estimating Today

Measure and improve product quality. Better understand critical metrics such as project velocity and defect ratio.

Stop making subjective relative estimates.

Use the best metrics to determine the size of software applications. Use the metrics that measure software value. Join IFPUG.