Why Your Metrics Mean Big Business

Why Size Matters

Nine out of 10 projects that fail have not been adequately sized.

It’s easy to see why.

Consider what goes into building a home. First, you specify all the functions and features you want. These are your requirements. The builder then creates an estimate based on the size of your needs—often in square footage.

Like construction, size is the key to effectively managing your software projects.

Function Point Analysis, the standardized method for sizing the functionality delivered to an end user, offsets much of the risk associated with software projects by:

  • Evaluating the size of an application.
  • Estimating its ability to meet business or user requirements.
  • Assessing the work completed by your team based on defined units.

What Are the Benefits of Function Points?

Function point analysis is the de-facto process of sizing your software based on how many business functions an application must accomplish and deliver.

A key input parameter for estimating the ISO-standard methodology focuses on the business requirements and needs, without getting lost in the details of physical artifacts and code.

Simple to learn and easy to apply, Function Point Analysis is a critical measure of software process effectiveness and provides the capability to make comparisons to industry benchmarks.

Accurately Estimate Each Project’s:

  • Costs
  • Duration
  • Staffing size
  • Perceived customer value 

Better Understand Each Project’s

  • Defect rate
  • Costs per function point
  • Function points per hour
  • Productivity  

For Executives

Improve your competitive position, satisfy more customers and increase your market share by giving shareholders more of what they demand by increasing your return on investments, driving revenue, improving your time to market, boosting profit margins and pinpointing opportunities for greater productivity.

  • Measure process improvement effectiveness
  • Decrease delivery expenses
  • Better manage application portfolios
  • Access project costs, duration and staffing size
  • Track productivity
  • Identify process or system ineffectiveness

For Managers

Continuously improve your team’s performance, ensure superior quality, streamline rapid deployment and deliver greater value to meet the exceeding expectations of your customers, who demand on-time delivery and better quality—all at a competitive cost.

  • Increase team collaboration
  • Communicate workloads
  • Highlight opportunities for improvement
  • Underscore best practices
  • Take corrective action
  • Reduce overtime

Are Your Development Goals Being Met?

How productive are your software development teams? How predictable are your fix times? How’s your time to market with new features?

Could they improve?

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