Training Programs

Training materials that support the accurate and consistent counting of Function Points and SNAP Points may be certified. The audience for the training materials is individuals that will be counting Function Points and SNAP Points. The assumption should be made that the students have had little or no experience with Function Point or SNAP counting. The training materials must conform to the most current version of the Counting Practices Manual, the Assessment Practices Manual, and the published criteria for training materials certification.

For Organizations

How to Become Certified in FPA Training

If you are interested in having your training materials submitted for certification, please download the following documents, and return them to IFPUG headquarters:

  1. Instructions for Submission of Training Materials Download Document
  2. Training Materials Certification Request Form Download Document
  3. Criteria for Certification of Training Materials Download Document

How to Become a Licensed Provider of SNAP Training

SNAP provides organizations and projects with a means to develop a quantifiable measure for the non-functional requirements (NFR). Sizing non-functional requirements can be used by software development to plan and manage projects better, saving organizations time and money. SNAP provides organizations with a tool that can provide a unique competitive advantage compared to other software sizing methods which do not account for non-functional software size.

IFPUG offers the sizing community an opportunity to license the Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) training material. The license of SNAP training material will jump start any SNAP rollout by providing the training material needed.

A single Train-the-Trainer workshop will be scheduled with the organization licensing the SNAP training. All participants planning to conduct training at the licensing organization must attend the training. The license fee allows for up to three participants; however, additional participants can be added for an additional fee. If additional train-the-trainer workshops are needed, the organization can arrange an ‘on demand’ train-the-trainer session with IFPUG.

The SNAP Training and Training Material license, valid for three years, includes the following:

  • “Train-the-Trainer” Training (TTT)
  • Two four-hour sessions (or one-day workshop)
  • PowerPoint presentation and facilitator notes
  • Case studies and their solutions
  • Class fee is included in the licensing fees (does not include trainer expenses if applicable)
  • Pre-requisite for “Train the Trainer” certification: Attendance of the official IFPUG sanctioned SNAP Training Workshop
  • A license to train SNAP is for the individuals who attend the Train-the-Trainer workshop

Course Materials included:

  • All course materials and facilitator notes, case studies, case studies solution
  • All updates to materials during licensing agreement time period

Fees and License notes:

  • Initial Fee: $3000 USD for three years, up to three trainers
  • Any additional certified trainer $500 USD
  • Additional workshop for up to three participants: $1500 USD
  • Renewal Fee: $1500 USD for three years (train the trainer not required)

Notes: License for the materials is for the company; Train-the-trainer certificate goes with the training participant. A train-the-trainer certificate is only valid if used within a company that has a license to the materials. A trainer must go through Train-the Trainer-workshop to teach the IFPUG materials.

Share Your Upcoming Training Opportunities

There are several opportunities to share your upcoming FPA or SNAP training events with IFPUG members. Be sure to take advantage of all these opportunities to increase awareness for your training events and services:

  • Provide your details for newly certified training opportunities to be promoted through IFPUG social media platforms
  • Share your certified training events with IFPUG to include on the upcoming trainings calendar
  • Promote your training events and services through a variety of sponsorship and advertising options to reach IFPUG members and the FPA community

For Individuals

IFPUG does not offer training in either FPA or SNAP; however, organizations may develop training materials to be certified by IFPUG if they are determined to meet the IFPUG standards in alignment with the CPM or APM.

Previously Certified Function Point Analysis (FPA) Training

The following organizations were previously certified, by the Standards and Guidelines of the Counting Practices Manual, FPA training materials from the following companies:


(Italian Version)

Via F Depero 24
La Rustica
00155 Rome, Italy

Fax 011-39-6227-16321

Custom Metrics Consulting

1451 Hammond Pond Road
North Augusta, SC 29841 USA

(803) 278-0344
Fax (803) 278-0392

Development Support Center Inc.

1625 Lindhurst Dr., Suite 100
Elm Grove, WI 53122 USA

(800) 377-9467
Fax (414) 789-9180

Gartner Group

160 Lawrence Bell Dr Ste 122
Willamsville, NY 14221-7897 USA

(716) 633-0621
Fax (716) 633-1880

Interim Technology

823 Commerce Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60521 USA

(630) 574-3030
Fax (630) 574-3076


426 Wells Lane
Versailes, KY 40383 USA

(606) 879-0829
Fax (606) 879-9267

LEDA Consulting, S.L.
[email protected]

(Spanish Version)

C/ Alcalá, 21, 2ª planta
28014 MADRID, Spain

+34 917000373
Fax: +34 915225817

Lucent Technologies

140 Centennial Ave/Rm F136
Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA

(908) 457-7228
Fax (908) 457-7257

Quality Plus Technologies, Inc.
Email: [email protected]

Carol Dekkers
6211 Sun Blvd, Suite 103
St Petersburg, FL 33715

Phone (813) 816-1329

Quantitative Software Management, Inc.
[email protected]

2000 Corporate Ridge, Suite 700
McLean, VA 22102 USA

(703) 790-0055
Attn: Pam Simonovich
(309) 275-8505

Total Metrics

Suite 1, 667 Burke Road
Camberwell Victoria 3124 Australia

+61 39882 7611
Fax 61 39882 7633

Licensed Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) Training

The training materials for FPA and SNAP are handled differently. SNAP training materials have been developed by the NFSSC and any training on SNAP is required to use those materials. SNAP trainers are licensed and trained to meet the IFPUG standard set by the NFSSC. IFPUG does not certify vendor-developed SNAP training materials. Vendors are not licensed to train on SNAP; rather individual vendor employees are licensed.

The following organizations employ trainers who were previously licensed to conduct SNAP Training using IFPUG SNAP training materials:

TI Metricas
[email protected]

R. Barata Ribeiro 391 Gr 1101
22040-001 Rio de Janeiro Brazil RJ

+55 11 2240-6734
Mauricio Aguiar

Upcoming Training Events
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