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Discover the most current and relevant information about function point analysis around the globe in MetricViews, the official publication of IFPUG.

Dedicated to providing news, bylined articles, thought leadership and the latest in-depth analysis, each issue gives function point leaders and researchers the insight they need to get a leg up on their competition and spreads the word about all the good things IFPUG’s sizing standards can support.

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Jump at the unique opportunity to learn metrics best practices in a setting organized by—and for—the world’s leading measurement practitioners.

Our annual International Software Measurement & Analysis (ISMA) conference gathers practitioners and researchers to discuss, learn and share the most recent, innovative advancements and experiences in planning and sustaining measurement programs from practical and theoretical perspectives.

ISMA22 Conference

Save the date for the next ISMA Conference, October 4 in Madrid, Spain. This year’s theme will be “IT Value to the Business”

The value that IT brings to the business is not in doubt. The question nobody agrees on is how to define it until we talk about the software product, which is undoubtedly the most important IT value. We are going to show you how to measure software product to determine the value IT contributes to the business and much more. Welcome to the true value of IT.

A major focus of ISMA22 will be how software size measurements using IFPUG methods will benefit businesses.

  • Are your customers challenging your estimates?
  • Do you want to measure and improve your team’s productivity?
  • Does your application quality align with your industry?
  • Does your estimates match the industry standard?


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