VAF or not VAF? That is the Question!


Presented by Luigi Buglione

Session Description: One of the elements initially present in the FPA (not only in the IFPUG version) is the VAF (Value Adjustment Factor), an expression of non-functional product and project requirements which, starting with the number of ‘unadjusted’ FPs, produced an ‘adjusted’ final value ‘. With the issuance of the 14143-x family of standards, ISO in 1998 decided to eliminate it in the standardization process, but still today several contracts (both public and private) include it although both the COSMIC and IFPUG methods no longer include it. Do you want to know more and enter the technical merit of the matter? Then register for this conference!
Benefits to participants:

  • Present origins and objectives of the VAF (Value Adjustment Factor)
  • Explain ISO (and IFPUG) rationale for removing VAF from FPA count
  • Discuss what replaces VAF in estimated, non-functional product measures

Speaker Bio:

Luigi Buglione is IFPUG board member and Director of IFPUG’s Non-Functional Sizing Standards and Industry Standards committees. He is also a certified SNAP Specialist (CSS). Luigi is working with DXC Technology as a measurement & Process improvement Specialist.

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