Tech Debt – Through Functional and Non-functional Sizing Perspectives


Presented by Sushmitha Anantha 

Session Description: The topic of technical debt is very diverse. This term is used for wide spectrum of problems related to deferred work that may or may not be evident from functionality, however, often becomes apparent as reduced quality of the software product. Devastating impact of accumulated technical debt is more readily observable through increasing software maintenance costs due to significant rework needed to fix latent defects and quality issues.

Due to the very nature of technical debt, it is almost impossible to measure it entirely. Even with indirect methods, only partial aspects of technical debt be measured. Through this paper we shall try to conceptually address applicability of functional and non-functional sizing in the context of technical debt and to call out alternatives when functional and/or non-functional sizing do not or partially cover the dimensions of it.

Speaker Bio:

Sushmitha Anantha has been volunteering in IFPUG since 2015. She is currently Director of the Non-functional Sizing Standards committee and volunteer in Conferences and Events Committee and other taskforces. Sushmitha is working for Accenture Solutions India as a project manager.

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