Team’s competency: Measure and manage skills to form the best team



The presentation will describe how a team training program can enhance the team’s skills, based on a new, creative set of metrics.

In addition to measuring the individuals, there are additional competences that are typical to a good team. The presentation will show a case study of improving the competency of the team based on the following:

  • A survey filled by individual team members
  • Management analysis of the survey, based on the new metrics
  • Setting skills targets for the team as a unit
  • Create a training plan for the team
  • Setting individual targets for each team member
  • Tracking and feedback

About the speaker:


Talmon Ben-Cnaan is a Quality manager at Amdocs Testing and the chair of IFPUG Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee. He led the quality measurements in his company. The author was also responsible for implementing Function Points in his organization.

The author manages Quality operations in Amdocs Testing. Amdocs Testing division comprises of 3,000 testing experts, located at 30+ sites worldwide, and specializes in testing for Telecommunication Service Providers.

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