Successful Implementation of SNAP: Integrating FP & SNAP Together


Presented by Saurabh Saxena

Session Description: Software Nonfunctional Assessment Process (SNAP) was developed to size non-functional project requirements which were non-sizable by traditional Function Point methodology. Although using SNAP along with FP methods complement each other by providing complete coverage of both functional & non-functional requirements and improves the correlation of effort and size, it has been observed that not many organizations have adopted SNAP model.

This presentation intent to cover the case study on successful implementation of SNAP in Amdocs. It considers initial challenges and the process devised to integrate FP & SNAP together to size the overall project requirements.

  • Initial challenges like:
    • How to avoid double counting for overlapping requirements?
    • How to segregate Functional & Non-Functional Efforts?
    • Whether to use VAF along with SNAP or not?
  • Integrating FP & SNAP together covering:
    • Identification of a requirement for the software application and classifying the requirement as a functional user requirement, a non-functional requirement, or mixed
    • Determining how to apply each method when a requirement meets both the functional user requirement and non-functional requirement definition
    • Deciding how to count both function points and SNAP points together
    • Establishing separate Productivity Baselined for Functional & Non-Functional requirements

Speaker Bio:

Saurabh Saxena is a Certified Function Point Specialist from IFPUG & Certified Project Management Professional from PMI. He works for Amdocs India. He is the current Board Liaison of the ‘Business Application Committee’ and IFPUG India Country Representative. He is key member of IFPUG SNAP committee & is involved in SNAP development and implementation across the world. He has vast experience providing Training, Mentoring & Coaching in Software Measurement, Benchmarking and Estimation domains.

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