My Organization Works with FP. How Do We Start Using SNAP?


Presented by Alfonso González Mateo 

Session Description: There are many, more and more, organizations that are committed to use the size of software to help themselves to make their development models more efficient. From budgeting stages to the vendors management using productivity and quality controls.

However, throughout all these years it has been common to find a black box, the “non-measurable” software, coming from non-functional requirements.

Until now, there was little we could do beyond monitoring and controlling generalized behavior and its evolution over time.

Fortunately, today we have SNAP, and it really helps, not only to monitor and track this type of development, but also to make it more efficient over time. How do we implement it? Throughout this presentation we will see what aspects we should take into account, recommendations, and lessons learned derived from a real implementation of SNAP in a client used to using Function Points.

Speaker Bio:

Alfonso González Mateo is a Computer Engineer, and he holds a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering Management and Project Direction. Graduate from Universidad de Alcalá (Spain) and Wrexham University (Wales), he has +15 years of experience implementing and defining productivity management models and vendor governance. He is currently a member of the Business Applications Committee (BAC) to contribute to C-level and management decision-making using quantitative approach. Since 2008, IFPUG CFPS, he also holds the CFL certification by COSMIC since 2009 and became certified as SNAP Practitioner in 2014.

Alfonso is currently a partner at Leda MC and works as Account Manager in charge of several worldwide Productivity Services. He also leads internally the Benchmarking area and has extensive knowledge of data standardization, management, and exploitation. Throughout his professional career he performed as an FPA instructor and consultant in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and Mexico. Currently, he specializes in model management definition and vendor governance using FPA in agile environments.

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