Knowledge Café Webinar: The FP-Based ‘Productivity Paradox’

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IFPUG Knowledge Café Webinar is a good platform to share learnings, innovations and ideas that bring about changes. This November, we bring you a webinar on advancements in software development productivity over the time and various paradox.

In the late 1980s, Capers Jones wrote about the Paradox of Source Code Metrics hoping to stimulate organizations to adopt Function Point Analysis (FPA) as a preferred method of software sizing. Today, function point-based productivity has itself led to a “new” productivity paradox that presents challenges to data-based software estimation. This presentation describes these productivity paradoxes and outlines remedies and a most robust approach to software sizing in the future.  If you want to know a bit more about this paradox, please register to this Knowledge Café (KC)!



Luigi Buglione, IFPUG board member and director of IFPUG Functional sizing standards committee (FSSC), Non-Functional sizing standards committee (NFSSC) and Industry standards Committee (ISC), and also president of GUFPI-ISMA (the Italian Software Metrics Association) and Board member of ISBSG (International Software Benchmarking Standards Group). Luigi is a Measurement & Process Improvement Specialist at DXC Technology in Rome, Italy.


Carol Dekkers, PMP, CFPS (Fellow), P.Eng (Canada) is the lead author of the ICEAA Software Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (SCEBoK), and CEO of Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. She is the past president of IFPUG and a member of the U.S. software engineering delegation to ISO/IEC standards.


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