Knowledge Café Webinar Series: Function Points, SNAP and COCOMO®

Knowledge Café Webinar Series

We know that several techniques exist for project cost estimation. COCOMO® model traditionally uses estimated lines of code for the cost estimation while IFPUG Function Point (FP) and SNAP (SP) method measures the size of the software to estimate the effort and cost.

Further, FP and SNAP are early size measures, so can we create the comprehensive estimation model using FP , SNAP and COCOMO® together. This webinar is the opportunity to discuss the correlation analysis and the results of this comprehensive model.

Abstract of the Webinar:
Can COCOMO®, FPA and SNAP be a comprehensive approach to estimate effort, considering all aspects of the software project? What happens to COCOMO® estimation when SNAP size is added?

Recent analysis of 231 project records, each was sized with both FP and SP counts, explored the feasibility of this approach. FP and SP sizes are combined to produce an equivalent size measure that could be used directly in the COCOMO® III software cost estimation model and produce a sound correlation with work effort.

COCOMO® has traditionally used estimated source lines of code (in thousand count increments) as its size input but it would be very beneficial if an early size measure such as FP and SP were possible. This presentation discusses the analysis results and its implications when using COCOMO® III model together with the functional and the non-functional sizes.


Brad Clark is from the University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering. He is a software measurement and cost estimation consultant and a COCOMO expert. He co-authored, with Barry Boehm, “Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO®  II” in 2000. He received a PhD in Computer Science from USC in 1997

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