Estimation Best Practices in CMMI V 2.0



CMMI v 2.0 released in April 2018, has allotted a separate process area for estimation which is entirely based on solution-size measurement. In this paper we take a deep dive in to estimation related best practices enumerated in CMMI v 2.0 which are part of Planning and Managing Work (PMW) Capability Area. This paper shall also discuss Requirements and Estimation as two vital factors for a project in the light of their importance and in turn their inter-relatedness. The fundamentals of value as seen by stakeholders in general are dealt with. The methods of determining the value, the channels of value flow are studied. Need for time management in projects is highlighted. Bench-marking and Base-lining definitions as well as the differences between them are understood. The need for establishing Project Historical Data is emphasized. Finally this paper examines the need for a software size which measures software applications and projects in entirety, and which represents what it takes to develop them, and how SNAP has started addressing that area.

About the speaker:

Krupananda Babu Mannekunta (Babu as he is called in short) is a Quality Consultant with 18 years of process consulting experience involving Definition, Implementation, Maintenance, Improvements and Trainings in line with ISO 9001, 27001 standards, CMMI model, Agile methodologies and Software Estimation & Measurement methodologies like IFPUG FP, COSMIC FP, NESMA FP and SNAP Points.

He has worked in the roles of Business Analyst, Project Administrator, Quality Consultant, Internal Auditor, Trainer and Software Estimation Consultant. He presented a paper in ISMA 13, titled “Sysmetry – An Integrated FPA & SNAP.

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