All members of the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) are expected to maintain exemplary behavior in their professional interactions. The highest level of honesty, integrity, and impartiality is required of those members who are acting in any capacity as representatives of IFPUG, including but not limited to, members of: the Board of Directors, committees, subcommittees, task groups, conference presenters, and “trade show” representatives; hereafter referred to as IFPUG Volunteers.

All programs, activities, committee work and meetings presented or performed by IFPUG Volunteers shall be accomplished in an ethical manner, focusing on a standard of excellence, which reflects credit to IFPUG. IFPUG Volunteers must exhibit an uncompromised sense of responsibility to IFPUG.

This Code of Ethics was developed to provide guidelines for IFPUG Volunteers. It cannot address every situation; therefore commonly acceptable standards of conduct should be maintained. Questions about an appropriate course of action can be directed to a committee chair or a Member of the Board of Directors.

General Guidelines

IFPUG Volunteers should avoid conduct that may result in a conflict or the appearance of conflict between the interests of IFPUG and its Members, and the Member’s self-interest.

IFPUG Volunteers must not engage in conduct or commit any act that could bring public embarrassment or discredit to the reputation, public image or integrity of the IFPUG organization.

IFPUG Volunteers must not engage in activities that will conflict with the fulfillment of their IFPUG duties.

IFPUG Volunteers shall not use or condone any form of communication to disparage or discredit any programs, activities, publications, or presentations which are considered to be in the best interests of IFPUG and its membership.

Except through public disclosure or after public disclosure by duly authorized personnel acting on behalf of IFPUG, and except as permitted by law or regulation, IFPUG Volunteers are responsible for protecting the privacy of all entrusted information (whether or not proprietary) involving the member groups within IFPUG. pg. 2

Maintenance of Standards

The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining high ethical standards in any form of communication or action by any IFPUG Volunteer.

Suspected violations of this Code of Ethics must be reported in writing using the IFPUG Code of Ethics Complaint Form, to the President or Vice President of IFPUG or to the appropriate Director liaison, if the alleged violation originates within that Director’s committee or task group structure.

Alleged violations may be delegated to an impartial third party for recommended resolution.

The subject IFPUG Volunteer will be given a complete copy of the report and an opportunity to explain any ‘conflicts’ before the matter is referred to the Board of Directors for action.

The Board of Directors will consider, evaluate, and determine any appropriate action for IFPUG Volunteers utilizing the IFPUG Code of Ethics Complaint Resolution Form.


Copies of this Code of Ethics will be published in the annual proceedings of IFPUG conferences and available to all Members. The IFPUG Executive Office can be contacted for the most recent copy. The Board of Directors will review and update this Code of Ethics as needed.

IFPUG Volunteers must review, agree to comply with, and sign this Code of Ethics annually. The IFPUG Executive Office will retain this signed Code of Ethics.

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