Applying Function Points to Cloud Computing

March 18, 2024 New Features

The IFPUG Knowledge Café series brings you an unmissable opportunity to learn and discuss one of the most currently important topic with Steve Woodward.


Cloud computing has foundationally changed how information technology infrastructure, platforms and software systems are acquired, managed, optimized, developed and supported.  

Function Points provide a good framework to help plan and evaluate cloud computing opportunities, however there are several unique cloudy perspectives that need to be considered. 

Steve explores the foundations and limitations applying function points to the cloud and some recent experiences/ findings of interest for 2024.

This webinar will benefit audience to gain cloud computing eco-system perspectives and applying/ interpreting function points for cloud computing environments and additional measurement findings.

We are sure, you will not miss this opportunity to learn. Please join this webinar to know more.

Date and Time:

April 25, 2024 : 9 a.m. Eastern Time (Time Conversion)


Steven Woodward is president of Cloud Perspectives, former IFPUG director and CFPS since 1994. Steven is liaison for ISO/ IEC JTC1 SC38 (Cloud and Distributed Systems) and SC7 (Software Systems) and is also leading other international and Canadian standards groups and agencies in their quest to mature, secure and optimize critical systems using the innovative technologies available in 2024.





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