In Memoriam: Rafael de la Fuente

October 12, 2023 Recent News

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the unexpected departure of Rafael de la Fuente, following a short, unforeseen illness. Many around the world might never have meet him, but his contributions to the growth of IFPUG Function Point and Software Benchmark industry through his enterprise, LedaMC, spoke louder than words, echoing around the globe.

A glance at Rafael’s LinkedIn profile paints a vivid portrait of his ethos. Consistently humble, he remained in the backdrop, allowing his work and his dedicated partners and employees to occupy center stage. He was an entrepreneur par excellence, whose vision for the past two decades has underscored his commitment to the industry. He was the genius behind LedaMC, sculpting the contours in ways previously unimagined. His relentless zeal for excellence, accompanied by his pioneering spirit, became the gold standard for peers and protégés alike.

LedaMC, initiated by Rafael de la Fuente in 2003, began its journey as a consultancy with an ambition to assist clients in navigating the intricacies of outsourcing processes. Esteemed entities such as Open Bank (earlier known as Patagon), Bankinter, and Telefónica Data were among the inaugural clients. They were swiftly joined by giants like Hispamer (now Santander Consumer Finance) and Caja Madrid (present-day Bankia). Today, LedaMC boasts an impressive clientele,spanning over 30 customers across more than 10 nations.

2006 marked LedaMC’s foray into Productivity Benchmarking. By 2009, the firm was presenting an audacious Productivity Benchmarking at the British Software Metrics Conference. This benchmarking, updated annually, gained global attention, making appearances at several
international conferences. Fast forward to 2021, and LedaMC clinched the distinction of being the world’s foremost company to secure the Application Development & Maintenance Benchmarking Certification from IFPUG. Today, LedaMC sits atop a mountain of Benchmark data, unparalleled worldwide, a testament to Rafael’s foresight. This year, they also unveiled the premier Software Development Market Report, acclaimed by industry stalwarts.

Born in Ciudad Real, Rafael’s roots lay deep in Spanish soil, a heritage he wore with pride. An alumnus of both University Complutense of Madrid and the University of Cambridge, his academic prowess was only surpassed by his fervor for his work. Under his tutelage, LedaMC thrived, generating employment and prospects for myriad individuals in Madrid.

Yet, for all his corporate triumphs, Rafael’s heartbeat was loudest for his loved ones. Friends and family knew him as the cornerstone of their lives – his laughter contagious, his advice invaluable, and his support unwavering. The characteristic sight of him arriving on his bellowed Motorbike will be missed.

However, Rafael de la Fuente’s spirit endures. Through LedaMC’s hallways, in every project undertaken, and in the countless lives he graced, his legacy remains immutable. His ideals, vision, and principles embedded in LedaMC will continue to be the guiding light, ensuring that the torch he lit never dims.

In these somber times, our hearts go out to his bereaved family. To our friends at LedaMC, we extend our sincerest condolences. Rest in peace, Rafael – your journey may have ended, but your legacy is immortal.