Backfiring: Pros and Cons of a Controversial Technique

August 8, 2023 New Features

IFPUG Knowledge Café series brings you another opportunity to learn and discuss with Luigi Buglione, measurement & Process Improvement expert and IFPUG board member. 

‘Backfiring’ is one of the terms often used in the Function Point metering community and indicates the correspondence between lines of code (LOC) and the average (or median) FP for programming language/environment. But is it valid? What is its origin and what are its pros/cons? This webinar will show some application scenarios taken from the daily reality of measurement to discuss them together.

Following are the few points that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Illustrate the origins and objectives of backfiring, from the 80s (Jones) to today
  • Understand the scenarios in which “controlled” backfiring might be useful
  • Discuss the main risks of “uncontrolled” backfiring in ICT project estimates 

Well, register to this webinar, let’s discuss it together and #Enjoy!

Date and Time:

 September 20, 2023. 8 a.m. Eastern Time

Luigi Buglione is IFPUG board member and Director of IFPUG’s Non-Functional Sizing Standards and Industry Standards committees. He is also a certified SNAP Specialist (CSS). Luigi is working with DXC Technology as a measurement & Process improvement Specialist.

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