New White Paper: FPA Rules Interpretations for Elementary Processes

December 1, 2022 New Features

IFPUG volunteer leaders from committees and the Board of Directors are routinely working to develop resources to benefit our members and keep them informed of the latest information in the function point community.

The latest resource has recently been reviewed and approved for release by the Functional Sizing Standards Committee (FSSC) and IFPUG Board of Directors. Congratulations to Sérgio de Quintal Brigido for development of the latest IFPUG white paper.

This white paper provides guidance for function point analysts in the application of the Counting Practices Manual rules (CPM 4.3 series) when determining what constitutes an Elementary Process (EP), to provide more consistency in the evaluation of elementary processes.

The paper provides additional guidelines and examples in the concept of Elementary Processes and Elementary Processes Uniqueness, allowing better communication between organizations, clients, and software service providers regarding what is measured and priced, thus improving FP-based commercial engagements and organizational metrics. This is a great resource for all levels of professionals who need to apply the Elementary Process rules of identification during FPA counting.

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