IFPUG New White Paper: Boundaries & Partitions

We are excited to announce a new IFPUG White Paper, “Boundaries and Partitions”.

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Setting the boundaries correctly has crucial importance in the sizing process. It affects the product size (both functional and non-functional), hence it influences effort estimation and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of those sizing units.  The setting of the boundary is influenced by the purpose of counting. Therefore, different guidelines should be applied for each sizing purpose.

The purpose of this document is, in part, to guide users of the IFPUG functional and non-functional sizing methodologies how to set the boundary and partitions correctly; a partition is a non-functional subdivision of a boundary (to be discussed more fully later). It supports the IFPUG Function Point Counting Practice Manual (CPM) for IFPUG function points (FP), the IFPUG Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) Assessment Practices Manual (APM) for IFPUG SNAP points (SP) and Simple Function Point Counting Practices Manual for IFPUG Simple Function Points (SFP).

This paper is a great resource for all levels of students and professionals who need to apply FP, SNAP, and SFP.  Download your copy today!

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