IFPUG New Report: Analytics of the ISBSG Development and Enhancement Repository

March 10, 2022 Featured General New Features

IFPUG is excited to announce its newest report, the “Analytics of the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) Development and Enhancement Repository.”  This ISBSG Repository contains function point count sizing data, associated work effort data, and other statistical data from over 4400 IFPUG-based function point counts submitted to ISBSG voluntarily worldwide.  From these, we have derived a 61 page report of detailed analysis of the current Repository database.

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Thanks to the Business Application Committee (BAC) Task Force members Charley Tichenor, Christine Green, Pierre Almén, Saurabh Saxena, Sushmitha Anantha and Talmon Ben-Cnaan and to the ISBSG Repository Manager Hans Bernink who all contributed to the creation of this report.This report target audience is project leaders, project office managers, benchmarking service providers, software process measurement specialists, software process improvement managers, and C-level and senior level IT management.

It is also instructional.  It provides the meaning behind the analytics in both layman’s and formal terms.  It is written to be understandable by both newcomers to function points and experienced veterans.  It can also be used by software development professionals and academicians who may teach software engineering classes or do research in the field.

Information shown in the report can be of value for software project estimation, planning, outsourcing, starting a metrics program and comparison of own projects.

There are descriptive statistics of many of the key application demographics.  The inferential statistics include software size forecasting and software development work effort forecasting.  The analytics formats can be duplicated by individual organizations for their software metrics programs.

The report is available as an electronic download from the IFPUG store.  It is free for IFPUG members, and is $185 (US) for those who are not IFPUG members.