Announcing the New Business Applications Committee

IFPUG is pleased to announce the launch of the new Business Applications Committee. The purpose of the committee is to contribute to C-level and management decision-making using quantitative approach.

The function of the Business Applications Committee (BAC) is to encourage and support the development and definition of standardized metric-based business practices utilizing unit of size based on IFPUG sizing standards such as:

  • Value based contracting
  • Value based price modelling
  • Estimating models
  • Cost modelling
  • Measurement
  • Productivity models and analysis
  • Productivity and quality indicators
  • Benchmarking analysis

To start with, the new committee will be responsible for the following two major programs:

IFPUG AD/M Benchmarking Certification
Having accurate and reliable data is critical for companies to survive in today’s highly competitive business world. Companies must ensure they are focused on the appropriate goals by comparing their performance against the industry.  IT organizations achieve that goal by using highly reputable benchmarking data and reports.

The IFPUG AD/M Benchmarking Certification represents a standard method through which IFPUG affirms that a benchmarking service provider has fulfilled the requirements deemed necessary to be competent to conduct an AD/M benchmark analysis, through the investigation of evidence based on criteria that were defined in applicable ISO/IEC 29155 tasks and activities.

The following items describe the core benefits that an AD/M benchmarking provider can obtain from the IFPUG AD/M Benchmarking Certification:

  • Achieve a best-in-class corporate level benchmarking qualification
  • Establish standard for requirements, guidelines & qualifications for AD/M benchmarking
  • Apply a consistent approach used by both benchmarking consultancy companies and software suppliers
  • Define the measure of the ability and the quality of their benchmarking process

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Analytics of the ISBSG Function Point Database:
The purpose of this program is to provide IFPUG users with helpful function point-based statistics and benchmarks from the August 2021 version of the ISBSG database based on IFPUG function point data submitted by volunteers worldwide. For those organizations which are without developed databases, these statistics and benchmarks can serve as useful benchmarks and expectations.

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