IFPUG Certification Extension Eligible: August, 28; 2020 IT Confidence Conference

August 23, 2020 Certification Conference

IFPUG announces that the 2020 IT Confidence Conference will be eligible for IFPUG Certification Extension, based on the conference “IFPUG FP and SNAP analysis of wearable devices (FitBit), new questions demand new solutions” by Sushmitha Anantha and Saurabh Saxena.

2020 IT Confidence Conference is the 8th annual ISBSG (International Software Benchmarking Standards Group) Confidence Conference on software data collection, analysis, and benchmarking, having as presenters a set of recognized experts in the areas of IT metrics, benchmarking, estimation and planning, amongst others.

For the first time, it will be able to attend the conference via Zoom and free of charge: