Newsletter from the IFPUG President, Christine Green

November 25, 2019 General Official Notices

Greetings to all IFPUG volunteers, members and others with interest in IFPUG works. As off 1st of November I took the seat as the President of IFPUG.

Since my first IFPUG Conference in 1999 (20 years ago) I have worked dedicated towards the success of IFPUG. I will tell you more about my journey from participation to President of IFPUG in a future communication. It is an exciting time for me personally, but I also look forward to 2 years of work in order to bring IFPUG into the future and hope and dream of an existing time for IFPUG, volunteers of IFPUG and the members we serve.

IFPUG is a membership driven organizations and is run primarily by volunteers. Volunteering in IFPUG is for many a passion and we all seem to have the common goal to improve the success of software projects. Only by volunteering an organisation like IFPUG can strive to accelerate and grow.

I am in no doubt that I will be passionate about my post as the new President of IFPUG and I will strive toward given benefits and success to all our members and volunteers.

The mission of IFPUG’s will be unchanged during my period as the president.

The mission is “to be the recognized leader in promoting and encouraging the effective management of application software development and maintenance activities by providing software sizing standards and supporting techniques and methods that is critical for the successful and effective delivery of software.”

For the next 2 years the board and committees will have three top goals:

  1. Be relevant and current for management & users.
  2. Improve Communication, Learning and Sharing.
  3. Increase memberships and volunteers.

I will address my vision, goals and dreams for IFPUG in more details at a membership meeting on January 16, 2020 at 9 am Eastern Time. In addition to this I will invite a special guest for this meeting that I am sure will bring value for all of us in our daily work. A newsletter will follow on this meeting.

As one of the first announcements communicated during my presidency, it is a great pleasure to announce the rollout of the first IFPUG examination through Brightest. Brightest will enable IFPUG to support our many members in the best way and at the same time ensure flexibility in how the examination is executed. Brightest is without any doubt the exam service provider that offer organizations like IFPUG both state of the art examination and at the same time full support and security to serve both members and IFPUGs focus. This is a good step for IFPUG and was only made possible due to volunteers.

To all the IFPUG volunteers: On behalf of the board, thank you for your continued support and engagement in IFPUG. Your active involvement in committees, conferences, discussions and other engagements helps to create a diverse IFPUG group and build a meaningful organization within the software industry.

Best Regards and wishes for IFPUG and IFPUG members.

Christine Green
President of IFPUG