IFPUG method to size non-functional requirements (SNAP) is now an IEEE worldwide standard: IEEE 2430-2019

October 29, 2019 General SNAP

IFPUG announces that its SNAP (Software Non-Functional Assessment Process) method has become an IEEE standard: IEEE 2430-2019. The objective of the IFPUG SNAP method is to size the non-functional requirements of IT projects and applications. The method contains 4 categories and 14 sub-categories for sizing the non-functional requirements.

The IFPUG method SNAP (IEEE 2430-2019) complements the worldwide standard IFPUG method ISO/IEC 20926:2009 used to measure the software functional size, known as Function Point Analysis/FPA (referred to as IFPUG CPM/Counting Practice Manual). FPA quantifies the software functional size and it is the base measure for effort estimation, and for measuring software productivity and software quality, among others.

Now both IFPUG worldwide methods, used by the most prestigious organizations in the world and governments, are international standards. The new IEEE standard complements the Functional Size method adopted as an ISO standard more than a decade ago.

SNAP IFPUG standard describes how to size the non-functional aspects of software development, and how to use the two sizes for more accurate effort estimation and for evaluating projects’ performance, calculating KPIs, and creating and maintaining benchmarks. It includes the definition of non-functional requirements, the sizing methodology, the categories and sub-categories, future evolutions of the method, and how functional and non-functional sizes are complemented.

The IEEE 2430-2019 standard was created by an IEEE workgroup, led by Talmon Ben-Cnaan, having the following milestones:

  • May 2017: project charter approved by IEEE.
  • June 2017: workgroup established.
  • August 2017 to May 2018: the standard draft was created by the workgroup.
  • September 2018: the draft is ready for the external review.
  • November 2018 to January 2019: external review is done by the balloting group.
  • April 2019: the finalized draft is submitted to IEEE Review Committee for approval.
  • June 2019: review Committee approval.
  • September 2019: IEEE editorial review.
  • 16 October 2019: SNAP is recognized as standard IEEE 2430, being this standard available.

IFPUG wants to give special thanks to the workgroup members for their dedication, teamwork and team spirit, and the willingness to cope with any challenges imposed by the reviewers. Thanks, among others, to Talmon Ben-Cnaan, Victoria (Vicky) Hailey, Bill Curtis, Annette Reilly, Robert Schaaf, Charley Tichenor, Roopali Thapar, Altaz Valani and Kiran Yeole.

The IEEE Standards Association is involved in more than 160 countries, and develop standards, known as IEEE standards. IFPUG is the most prestigious worldwide organization regarding IT metrics and providing to the world sizing software methods and standards.

Mauricio Aguiar (left), IFPUG president, congratulates Talmon Ben-Cnaan (right), Working Group Chair and IFPUG NFSSC chair