Available a new edition of MetricViews “Measuring Software Quality”

September 18, 2019 General MetricViews

The International Function Point Users Group is excited to announce the September 2019 edition of MetricViews. Measuring Software Quality is the topic of this edition.

MetricViews September 2019This edition includes a selection of noted authors who share their experiences and knowledge on a range of software quality measurement practices that are sure to advance your understanding of how to measure software quality. “Understanding and Defining Quality for Your Organization” article (By Phil Lew) presents a framework for defining quality as the basis for determining measurements and metrics. Dr. Raymond Boehm shares in the article “A Semiclassical Approach to Agile Quality Metrics” an overview of techniques to ensure a software product meets quality standards.

Joe Schofield shares in the article “Considerations for Establishing Agile Quality Metrics” his thoughts on and experiences with the use of agile measurements and metrics for establishing agile quality metrics. Sheila P. Dennis in the article “Agile Testing Methods: A Path to Improved Software Quality” relates that Test Driven Development facilitates higher quality software in less time, and Ankitha Pareek and Anupama Karal introduce the “DevOps Dashboard”, designed as a solution to achieve visibility across all aspects of the IT lifecycle

By other hand, Luigi Buglione recalls in the article “40 Years of Function Points: Past, Present, Future” (published in the IFPUG website) that 40 years ago, in October 1979, Dr. Allan Albrecht proposed for the first time a technique for sizing the functionality of a software system. This article shows the past, present and (possible) future contributions of Function Point Analysis.

You can read or download this MetricViews edition from here, or the previous editions from the IFPUG MetricViews section.