Active presence of Functional Size Measurement at IWSM, ICEAA, Nesma: 7-9th October 2019 in Harlem, Netherlands

September 15, 2019 Conference General

IFPUG and Functional Size Measurement will have an active presence at the triple event 7-9th of October 2019 (IWSM, ICEAA, Nesma) in Harlem, Netherlands.

IFPUG, the world’s leading association for software measurement is celebrating Nesma’s 30th Anniversary at the IWSM Mensura Conference in Harlem, Netherlands. The IWSM Mensura conference is the result of the joining of forces of the International Workshop on Software Measurement and the International Conference on Software Process and Product Measurement.

The program is divided into three themes: Portfolio Estimation, IT Cost Estimation, and The Value of IT. Each day has its own theme.

Also participating is ICEAA (International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association). ICEAA is the organization dedicated to advancing, encouraging, promoting and enhancing the profession of cost estimating and analysis, through the use of Parametrics and other data-driven techniques.

IFPUG has been actively engaged with ICEAA (together with some of our “sister” organizations – Nesma and Cosmic)- in the development of a Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (sCEBoK).

Sixteen software cost estimation modules will be provided by industry experts. IFPUG’s current Vice President -Christine Green- will deliver three of these.

At the last ICEAA Conference in Tampa in May 19 Carol Dekkers and Dan French gave Presentations relevant for IFPUG and Function Points as well as modules from the sCEBoK. In addition to their contribution to the conference and the sCEBOK modules, Christine Green and Roopali Thapar have been active as authors of some of the sCEBoK modules. This year, besides other IFPUG members present at the event in Harlem, Dan French -the current chair of the Functional Sizing Standards Committee- will be delivering a presentation at the ICEAA event in Canada the week of the 16th of September.

IFPUG is present and relevant in this large effort to bring Software Cost Estimation to the next level.

In addition to all of the above the event will celebrate Nesma’s 30 year anniversary. Nesma will have a special track dedicated to Function Points at the IWSM event. IFPUG has been invited to give a presentation that will be delivered by Christine Green. The title of the presentation is “The relevance of Function Points and CFPS in critical projects.”

IFPUG would like to wish Nesma a happy anniversary and is excited to join the event in Harlem in October.