ISMA 15 Conference has started in Rome

May 9, 2018 Conference General

ISMA 15 Conference has started today (May, 9) in Rome, Italy. During three days (from May 9 to 11) more than 400 measurement specialists from different parts of the world will share insights about IT metrics, the strategic value that they provide to the companies and to the high level management, real scenarios, practical cases and techniques.

During those days will take place four workshops, IFPUG CFPS exams, and the Main Conference that with 390 attendees and 25 speakers has exceed any forecast.

ISMA (International Software Measurement & Analysis Conference) are the worldwide bi-annual conferences organized or co-organized by IFPUG. The previous one (ISMA 14) was held in September 2017 in Cleveland, USA, and the next one (ISMA 16) will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, in October 2018.

This ISMA15 is organized by GUFPI-ISMA (Gruppo Utenti Function Point Italia – Italian Software Metrics Association) and officially supported by IFPUG.