IFPUG grace period for certifications

February 7, 2017 Certification Membership

IFPUG has modified the membership procedures, including a grace period that provides several interesting benefits for IFPUG members.

What are the main changes?

Previously, if a certified member was covered by a corporate membership and the member left that company, the member would have to sign up for a new membership (either individual or another corporate membership) immediately if he/she wanted to keep their certification.

From now on, members will have a grace period of three months to sign up for a new membership without the risk of losing their certification and other IFPUG benefits (excluding to vote or nominate for board) during this three months period.

Members must contact the IFPUG Office to get this grace period.

For more information, please visit the Regular Memberships page of the IFPUG website, or contact us by email.