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January 13, 2016 Membership

If not, take advantage of the benefits of being a member, and sign up today! Go here to get started.

As a member, you’ll have access to the IFPUG Knowledge Base in the member Services Area of the IFPUG website, and you’ll receive member discounts on purchases from the IFPUG online store, and will get member prices for conference and workshop registrations. And a membership gets you, at no additional charge, your own electronic copy of the IFPUG Counting Practices Manual and the SNAP Assessment Practices Manual! Here are more benefits:

  • Access to education and professional growth through attending the semi-annual IFPUG Workshops and annual IFPUG Conference.
  • Networking opportunities provided by informal exchanges during the Workshops and Conferences.
  • The opportunity to join a local IFPUG Chapter, so that you can exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn about new techniques on an ongoing basis, in your local area.
  • The opportunity to participate in advancing the state-of-the-art of software measurement through working on IFPUG committees.
  • Networking opportunities provided by working with peers on IFPUG committees.
  • The opportunity through Vendor Showcases to meet with vendors and see the latest products that are available to support your software measurement and improvement efforts.
  • The opportunity to prepare for, and then become a Certified Function Point Specialist through the IFPUG Certification program, which would establish your credentials as a specialist in the growing field of software metrics.

Listed below is a summary of the most popular membership types. Go here for the full details. Note a membership runs from July 1 to June 30 of the subsequent year, so registration fees paid between now and June 30, 2016 will be pro-rated. More information here.

Ready to sign up? Go here to get started.

Membership Types:

  • Regular Individual Membership
    An individual membership is a personal IFPUG membership. It is non-transferable and the individual retains it regardless of their employer. Individual members receive IFPUG manuals and mailings and hold one vote within IFPUG. Individual members cannot copy and distribute IFPUG manuals.
  • Student Membership
    A Student Membership annual rate of $50 is available with proof of being a full-time student. Student members are eligible to take Workshops and attend conferences for 50% off the price in effect for the event. Meals are an additional cost. Student members will be provided electronically transmitted copies of the Counting Practices Manual for $10. Student members may purchase IFPUG publications at the member discount price through the IFPUG office.
  • Regular Corporate Membership
    Corporate membership applies to a single legal entity, in a single metropolitan area. A Corporate membership is a non-transferable membership that covers the legal entity and all the individuals employed by the legal entity at the geographic location. It permits all individuals employed by the legal entity, at the geographic location, to attend IFPUG conferences and workshops at member rates. Up to two corporate contacts per Corporate Membership may be designated to receive IFPUG manuals and mailings, and each contact may vote on all IFPUG business matters.
  • Regular Corporate Additional Location Membership
    Additional corporate sites (outside the metropolitan area but within the same legal entity) may apply for a corporate membership, which is available at a reduced rate (for each additional site). Two contacts may be named for each such additional member site, and each contact shall receive IFPUG manuals and mailings, and may vote on all IFPUG business matters.
  • Countrywide Corporate Membership
    IFPUG has identified a need for a membership type that will be appropriate for companies that use Function Points in a single country, as opposed to one metropolitan area (Regular Corporate membership – RC) or worldwide (Worldwide Corporate membership – WWC).
  • Worldwide Corporate Membership
    A Worldwide Corporate Membership (within the same legal entity) entitles the member corporation to five to ten (5-10) key contacts, voting rights for those same five to ten key contacts, as well as all the other Corporate Membership benefits.

Want to know more about the array of benefits that IFPUG membership brings? Feel free to contact our Chair of Communications and Marketing, David Thompson, at [email protected]. We’d love to welcome you to the IFPUG community – join us today!