SNAP Assessment Practices Manual v2.3 is Released

May 20, 2015 General

SNAP is the Software Non-functional Assessment Process.  APM is the Assessment practices Manual.

The International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) is pleased to announce the release of the new Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) Assessment Practices Manual 2.3 under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike License.

An APM 2.3 Quick Reference Guide is also available.

Release 2.3 contains more clarifications and examples:

  • For each subcategory, a set of rules and examples were added, to better clarify how to jointly count Function Points and SNAP Points.
  • Examples and notes were added to the subcategories for more clarification, based on users questions.
  • Graphical examples were added to subcategory 4.2.
  • Formulas to determine the Non-functional size for enhancement projects were modified.

To obtain a copy of the manual, navigate to the IFPUG Online Store, select the Featured Product: APM 2.3 Assessment Practices Manual (SNAP) NO CHARGE, complete and submit an order for an electronic copy. You will be asked to log in, as either a member or a visitor, in order to check out the order.

Once your order is processed, additional steps are needed to download the manual.  Here are the details.