ISMA10 Conference Week Concludes

April 15, 2015 Conference

The 10th IFPUG International Software Measurement & Analysis Conference (ISMA10), “Creating Value from Measurement”, was held Thursday, April 30, 2015 at the Sheraton Airport Hotel (704-392-1200) in Charlotte, North Carolina USA. Workshops were conducted on Monday and Tuesday, April 27 – 28, and an on-site CSP Exam was conducted on Wednesday, at the same location.

PMI Members — Earn up to 8 PDUs by participating in the Conference! Go here for details. Members can earn up to 14 more PDUs by participating in a Workshop.

IFPUG CFPS Certified Members — This conference provided Certification Extension Credit!

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Conference Presentations:

The agenda for this upcoming conference included the following presentations (listed in alphabetical order- click on the presentation title to access the related abstract):

Author Title
Clark Walton Digital Forensics: The Evidence Left Behind [keynote speech]
Philippe Guerin & Barbara Beech Enabling Enterprise Productivity Measurement by Combining Manual and Automated Functional Sizing
Carol Dekkers Not Your Father’s FP — Counting FP for Agile / Iterative Software Development
Christine Green Measuring for Other Things Than Just Cost
Dan Horvath Using Project History to Produce Effective Estimates
George Mitwasi Integrating SNAP into an Established FP Based Estimation and Measurements Program
Joe Schofield Implications and Opportunities Relevant to “Agile” Measurement
Eduardo Silva Function Point Analysis in Integrating the Knowledge Areas of Software Projects
Adri Timp Early Function Point Analysis and Consistent Cost Estimating

Workshops (two-days each)

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  • Applying Function Points to Emerging Business Technologies
    Want to practice counting in different environments and have fun doing it? Need credit for recertification? Want to discuss counting scenarios and streamlined counting techniques? Then this is the class for you! This expanded two-day class will apply the latest IFPUG counting practices counting rules in advanced situations and to a variety of technologies and environments, including Agile software development. This class will accelerate your comprehension of the Function Point Analysis technique through intensive instruction, lively conversation and hands-on practical application.First, we will quickly review Function Point counting concepts. Then we will cover the following topics with hands on case studies: Mobile Devices, Embedded Systems, Middleware and Real-time Systems, Cloud Computing, Vendor Packages, Data Warehouse, and Counting in an Agile Environment. We will help you understand the principles, implications and differences behind these techniques and environmentsPrerequisites: Attendees must have previously taken an introductory Function Point course or have experience as a Function Point counter.Taught by Sheila Dennis (CFPS), well known in the IFPUG arena and a frequent teacher at ISMA. She brings over 25 years of counting and process improvement experience in government and business into the classroom. After serving over 20 years in the Department of Defense, she joined the David Consulting Group as a consultant and vice-president. Being the account manager for large corporations, she was focused on not only counting but how to use function points in operational metrics, forecasting models and benchmarking. Her teaching style is relaxed, interactive and uses a variety of teaching aids. She believes that learning should be both interesting and enjoyable, and would love to have you in her class.
    This workshop is eligible for CEC Credit This workshop is eligible for up to 14 PMI Category B PDUs.
  • SNAP (Software Non-functional Assessment Practices) Workshop
    A two-day face-to-face workshop will enable attendees to interact with peers and other people who have extended knowledge in using SNAP.At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to perform an assessment of Non Functional Requirements (NFRs) for projects or applications to obtain their NFR size in a rigorous, objective manner.The expected target audience includes Measurement and Development specialists seeking to understand the IFPUG guidelines for sizing and estimating NFRs. The participants of the workshop are expected to have a basic understanding of the IFPUG CPM.All participants will need to have a copy of the latest version of the SNAP APM 2.2. (please download the Assessment Practice Manual (APM) release 2.2 from the IFPUG online store prior to the workshop). This workshop is eligible for up to 14 PMI Category B PDUs.

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Taught by Mary Dale Senior Consultant, Q/P Management Group.   She specializes in improving software quality and productivity through measurement. Her areas of expertise include function point analysis, establishing measurement programs, quality assurance, process improvement, outsourcing evaluation, and project management. Prior to joining Q/P, Ms. Dale was a Business Planning Consultant for Electronic Data Systems (HP/EDS), where she managed the Central Metrics Group (CMG), a team of measurement specialists, statistical analysts and estimating experts providing thought leadership and expertise in the areas of metrics program consulting, application estimating, application sizing, and data analysis.