The Fourth SNAP iTip is Published — Counting Algorithms Using SNAP!

December 16, 2014 iTips

The Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee is excited to announce the arrival of the fourth iTip for SNAP.

Look for iTips that will be discussing topics specific to the SNAP method.

These iTips will provide guidance on topics important to IFPUG community members who use SNAP. They explain the application of the IFPUG SNAP method in a particular situation.  iTips are not rules, but interpretation of the rules, providing guidance using examples to explain the topic being covered.

IFPUG offers iTips and uTips at no charge to the international function point community to stimulate the further use and consistent application of the IFPUG Sizing Standards Methods.

If you have a suggested topic related to SNAP for an iTip or a uTip, please send it to  [email protected].

You can access the fourth SNAP iTip — Counting Algorithms Using SNAP here.