Announcing ISMA 8 Rio Registration!

July 12, 2013 Conference

Registration is Now Open for ISMA 8

If you live in Brazil please see the Brazilian IFPUG Chapter website for registration instructions. If you live in any other country Click Here and scroll to the bottom of the page that opens.

ISMA 8 will be held in Rio de Janeiro on Oct 2, 2013. The conference will be bracketed by Open Space on October 1 and the ISBSG / IT Confidence event on October 3.

Keynote presenters at ISMA 8 include NazarĂ© Bretas, Undersecretary of Logistics and Technology in the Brazilian government who will speak on “Software Metrics and Governance Improvement in the Public Sector” and current IFPUG vice president and future president Kriste Lawrence who will speak on “The Future of IFPUG”.

This year’s ISMA conference will be in a new one-day format emphasizing panel presentations with several speakers presenting brief presentations. This will be followed by a moderated discussion, and audience anticipation will be encouraged. Panels will include the following:

  • Non-Functional Requirements & SNAP: Challenges and Opportunities. A sample topic includes “SNAP – Past, Present and Future”
  • Rules of the Game: Establishing Initial Condition for Price-per-FP Contracts. A sample topic includes “Can a Fixed Price 6,000 Function Point Project be Successful?”
  • The Future of Software Measurement: New Technologies, New Buzzwords, New Hopes: Disruptive Change? A sample topic includes “Automated Function Points – Threat or Opportunity?”

Open Space is a new venue this year where presentations are chosen by the attendees. At the start, all those who want to speak will provide a brief abstract of their topic, and then the attendees will select a limited number of those to be presented. The opportunity is open to anyone who wants to attend. In addition there will be a lead-off presentation by John Wright from NASA / JPL who will talk about his experiences operating the Mars Rover remotely controlled robotic exploration vehicle.

The ISMA conference this year is being paired up with the ISBSG annual conference to stimulate discussions among attendees of both organizations and encourage support and cooperation among participants of both of these allied organizations.

All these activities will be made even more enjoyable by the backdrop of Rio de Janeiro, future site of the World Cup and the Summer Games, and one of the most spectacular settings in the world. We hope you will join other software measurement professionals there for stimulating discussions and a memorable experience.