May 1st 2013 Ottawa Symposium

April 4, 2013 Conference

Information Technology Measurement and Governance – International Strategies
Half Day Symposium: Wednesday May 1, 2013

Panel presentations were 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM at the
National Hotel, Algonquin Rooms, 361 Queen Street, Ottawa

International Function Point Users Group – ISO/IEC 20926 – Board of Directors
An International Software Measurement Association (ISMA) event

The symposium covered IFPUG-ISMA community directions, plus the current questions and challenges for IT today and where metrics provides valuable insights, leading to improved decision making.

The IFPUG Board of Directors actively participated and presented in conjunction with regional industry leaders. (IFPUG Board includes: Systems Integrators, Financial, Insurance and Consulting Sectors)

This was a highly interactive symposium, fostering discussions that will drive Information Technology maturity on an international scale.

Presentations included:

  • Timothy Grayson, director of product development at epost Canada Post, who  also helped moderate, speaking on the key missing concept of “Spaces in Between” for software metrics.
  • Stuart MacKay, CTO Government Services HP Canada. providing insights regarding the complex estimation and integration challenges being faced today.
  • John Cousens, Public Sector Canada, presenting new agile SaaS models and where function points have quantified realized cost savings
  • Charles Bokor, Strategic Management Consultant, and University software performance measurement evangelist discussing “black hole, super sized projects”.

Presentations from IFPUG Leaders included:

  • Joe Schofield, Certified CMMi instructor, after a 31 year career at Sandia Laboratories,  highlighting the need for “fidelity metrics” to resolve common pain points in the software industry.
  • Tom Cagley, of DCG, providing innovative insights with an agile twist!
  • Lori Holmes of Q/P Management Group providing a real-life outsourcing case study where ongoing metrics provided the data to make difficult decisions.
  • Christine Green of HP highlighting non-functional software sizing considerations in 2013.
  • Mauricio Aguiar of ti Métricas providing updates from Brazil, the leading country in Software Metrics!
  • Steven Woodward of Cloud Perspectives, highlighting cloud computing metrics considerations.

A replay of the recorded session is scheduled for May 2.

Sponsors include:ti Métricas our featured gold sponsor,
and Q/P Management Group, and Cloud Perspectives
as silver sponsors, and Leda MC, our bronze sponsor.

Over a dozen speakers and industry experts presented and/ or were part of the panels in Ottawa.

The ISMA conference this year will be in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and it will also be fast-paced with leaders regionally and internationally maturing software measurement practices!

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