IFPUG Design-a-New-Banner Contest!

April 1, 2013 General

Do you like the design of the banner at the top of this page?  Can you design a better banner?  Make IFPUG history, make a mark, share your idea!

Put your creative juices to work and develop a proposed new banner for us!  Create a JPEG file 1000 pixels wide by 288 high that will appear at the top of our mailings and on the website!  Submit it by attaching it to an email addressed to CMC@ifpug,org with subject New Banner Contest.

The winning design will receive a $500 award from IFPUG and will be recognized with an electronic announcement from the CMC. All business friendly submissions will be recognized for the submission.

Submitted designs will be shared including electronically, for the purposes of review and selection and will be posted on the IFPUG Website (note IFPUG reserve the right to not share designs if they are do not meet business friendly standards or are not supportive of IFPUG).

ALL submissions will become the exclusive property of IFPUG including any future modifications or derivative works for any and all purposes for which the design may be used. All submitted materials may be used to support IFPUG marketing and communication.

 Base your design on the current IFPUG Logo.

The Board of Directors will approve the selection of the winner. Contest closes May 7, 2013.