Metric Views – Call for Contributions by 12/1/2012

November 20, 2012 MetricViews

Dear IFPUG Members,

IFPUG will be publishing a printed edition of MetricViews – Vol 7 Issue 1 in January of 2013.

This is your opportunity to get your message out, jump start a discussion or document and publicize achievements and milestones in the metrics world. Once again, our focus is on the use of metrics as the basis and support for excellence in project, product and/or release management using IFPUG based Function Point Analysis.

Let us know how you use function points, e.g., setting initial ballpark parameters of investment and then using and refining these to provide traceable forecasts of effort; defining work packages using functional sizing; or mapping deliverables (transaction functions) against effort to monitor progress, we want to know about it. We want to spread the word.

So please, if you have done it, write it down and send it to us. If you have written it, polish it up and send it in. If you have talked about it, document your thoughts and, yes, send it to us. We are always looking for meaningful uses of Function Point Analysis. If you would like to submit an article to be featured in the next issue, please provide your Word document to [email protected] by 12/1/2012.

MetricViews – your window to the world of metrics.
Thank you,