New Certification FAQ

April 3, 2012 Certification

“The Board of Directors is excited to announce these new certifications for the IFPUG membership and the measurement community in general. We believe these certifications will acknowledge the capabilities of measurement professionals. Many thanks to all who have had a part in this release.” – Joe Schofield, IFPUG President

How do I become a Fellow? Do I have to apply?
No, the Certification Committee will notify members when they have achieved the designation of Fellow. There is no special test or application process.

Do I have to choose which Certification that I am testing for? I.E., do I have to choose CFPP at the time of testing?
No, if you achieve the minimum test requirements for CFPS, you will be awarded a CFPS. If you do not achieve the minimum for CFPS, but do achieve the minimums required for CFPP, you will receive the CFPP certification.

Will I get my CFPP certification on-site at Prometric?
No, but you will get your test scores at Prometric. If they qualify you for CFPP, you will receive an electronic certification via email from IFPUG shortly after you take the test.

I took a test within the current membership year, but scored an 88. That means I get a CFPP, right?
No, the CFPP designation will not be back-dated for tests taken prior to April 1, 2012. It is only valid for tests taken from April 1, 2012 forward.